The information below is provided here to help those that would like to share with others Mosaic’s story, pray, and support.  Thank you for being a friend of Mosaic and our community!

Mosaic CCDA presented “Mosaic on the Move” to Benton Harbor City Council Monday, November 7 @ 7pm.

Benton Harbor, Michigan- Mosaic Christian Community Development Association (CCDA), a 501 (c3) non-profit organization, operating in Benton Harbor since 2009 (www. is excited to present to the Benton Harbor City Council it’s story and plans for 200 Paw Paw Ave. as well its Mosaic On the Move Capital Campaign. The Campaign’s goal is to raise $850,000 to relocate the Mosaic Retail Store, Jobs for Life Program (JFL) and Harbor Shine enterprises to its own building at 200 Paw Paw Ave. The new building will provide classrooms and computer labs for JFL along with office space for instructors and all Mosaic staff. The resale store will have a larger space and room for a Mosaic Boutique. Café Mosaic will be relocated to its own building in downtown Benton Harbor at a location to be disclosed at a later date. The new Café will allow for an expanded menu, outside seating, additional catering and job training opportunities.

The Mosaic CCDA mission is to “create opportunities for steps to greatness as we prepare people for further education, life, and work while sharing Christ’s love.” Mosaic’s first priority is the residents of Benton Harbor and then the surrounding region as we endeavor to expand our impact through our social enterprises and Jobs for Life. This is an exciting time for the Mosaic Organization as this funding will allow the organization to reach more residents in the Benton Harbor Community and help to transform more lives.

Listed below is the transcript of Mosaic CCDA’s presentation to the Benton Harbor City Council on Monday, November 7 as well as the FAQ document.  The link to the Mosaic on the Move campaign materials mentioned in the presentation is here:

Opening remarks from Rev. Brian D. Bennett: 

  • Good evening. It is great to be here and present Mosaic to our mayor and our city council.  I have the honor of serving as Mosaic’s President and founder.  Our desire from our inception in 2009 has to be a bridge building organization that blesses our community.  We our focused on job creation and job training that helps our city and our region.  We have grown rapidly since going public in 2010 as we have consistently collaborated with the private, government, and social sectors to help foster a greater collective impact for the common good.  Mosaic is at our core a grass roots organization that works with the people we love in our Benton Harbor community and throughout the region.  Our growth is nothing short of miraculous as we have seen revenue jump from $23,000 in 2010 to more than a million in 2016.  The majority of our revenue (70%) comes from our social enterprises (Café Mosaic, Mosaic Resale Store, Harbor Shine, and Harbor Market) which also serve as are on the job training sites for our Jobs for Life program.  This year alone we will have more than 130 Jobs for Life graduates with more than 80% of them moving on to jobs in our community.  The two challenges we face right now in helping even more people in our community are:  1) We have till July 2017 to move our operations from 510 Main St. Benton Harbor., and 2) We need more space to grow our businesses and have more Jobs for Life students.  200 Paw Paw Ave was designed by the city and by the EDA (who granted in 1988 a half million to build the property) to be a business incubator effecting economic development for the city and citizens.  Mosaic CCDA is a 21st Century version of the intended use, it is in complete alignment with the Lien, and is ready to grow our impact and the property’s impact on our community.  Mosaic’s commitment to partnering with the city of Benton Harbor extends beyond 200 Paw Paw Ave.  While we hope to purchase 200 Paw Paw Ave we hope even more so that this process helps create a strong partnership for the forward progress of our community and its citizens.  In an effort to save time tonight I would like to point you to the FAQ document provided for the city council and available on Mosaic’s Facebook page and blog.  It answers some of the concerns that have been shared in our local paper over the past few weeks.  Our desire is to continue to help even more people take their next steps to greatness just as Ambi Williams, Mosaic’s Program director has done.  (Note:  Ambi Williams Mosaic CCDA Programs Director and Ric Pawloski, Mosaic Executive Director closed the presentation with their own remarks).

Frequently Asked Questions (re:  Mosaic on the Move and 200 Paw Paw Ave.)

What is Mosaic CCDA all about and where did it come from?

  • Mosaic was founded by Rev. Brian D. Bennett with a number of community leaders and churches in 2009.
  • Mosaic’s Vision: “A movement mobilizing God’s people to seek the peace and prosperity of our city, our region, and beyond.”
  • Mosaic’s Mission: “Create opportunities for steps to greatness as we prepare people for further education, life, and work while sharing Christ’s love.”
  • Mosaic’s Strategy: “Our first priority is Benton Harbor and then the surrounding region as we endeavor to expand our impact through our social enterprises and Jobs for Life.

What will Mosaic do with 200 Paw Paw?

  • Mosaic will use the building to continue creating jobs and doing job training. Mosaic Resale store, Harbor Shine, Jobs for Life, Administrative offices, and classroom/event space will be created.  Opportunities for collaboration with others will exist.

What was 200 Paw Paw designed to be and what Federal Restrictions are in place?

  • 200 Paw Paw was built in 1988 using a Federal Grant for $500,500 from the EDA. The property was to serve as a business incubator creating economic impact and jobs.  Mosaic would use the property for these same purposes and has demonstrated complete alignment with the building’s intent, the city’s hopes, and the EDA’s lien restrictions.

Does Mosaic have the ability to purchase and close on the building?

  • Mosaic has financing in place to purchase the property.  The Mosaic on the Move campaign is to eliminate future debt and fund renovations, improvements, and investment into the property.

Will this building be used as a church and what role does Overflow Church play with Mosaic?

  • The building will not be used as a church. Mosaic CCDA is a separate 501 (c3) with its own board of directors.  Overflow Church holds no ownership or rights to Mosaic CCDA and simply serves as one of the many partner churches that volunteer and give financially to Mosaic CCDA.  Overflow Church has never received money from Mosaic and has instead given generously to it as a part of its love for our community.

How was the current deal and contract that Mosaic has with the city brokered?

  • The current deal and contract was negotiated by Mosaic President Brian D. Bennett through a local realtor, the city’s realtor, and the city manager. The process as it was outlined through the broker and the city’s listing of the property was followed.

What role does Sharon Henderson play with Mosaic and is there any conflict of interest?

  • Sharon Henderson is a volunteer that serves on Mosaic CCDA’s board of directors. She has never received compensation from Mosaic nor was she involved in brokering the deal for 200 Paw Paw as some have implied publicly before the city council.  Sharon is an important community leader who operates with the utmost integrity and deserves a public apology by the group attempting to slander her name before the public.