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MOSAIC’s mission is to create opportunities for steps to greatness as we prepare people for further education, life, and work while sharing Christ’s love.

Why We Do What We Do

Things like lack of transportation and day care, inadequate housing, negative relationships and other emotional challenges can all be major barriers to taking steps toward greatness in life.


What percent of the population of Benton Harbor is unemployed?


As of 2012, 31.4% of the residents of Benton Harbor are unemployed.

Data from


What percent of Benton Harbor residents live below the poverty line?


This is 5x the state average of 9.7%.

Data from

Lack of Home Ownership

What percentage of Benton Harbor resident do not own their home?


As of 2013, 65% of the residents of Benton Harbor do not own their home.

Data from United States Census Bureau

What We Are Doing About It

Jobs for Life provides job training and funnels graduates to work for social enterprises and other employers. Then, working at one of Mosaic CCDA’s 4 social enterprises reinforces job training with real world work experience.

Jobs for Life Logo

Jobs for Life

Jobs for Life is a nationally recognized Christian Community Development Association (CCDA) partner program providing training in career planning, developmental assets, communication skills, and employer perspectives. We combine curriculum with a mentor for each participant and an on the job training experience to strengthen the student for their next steps.

Mosaic Resale Store

Mosaic Resale Store is a full-retail shopping experience providing mentoring, community connections, and job experience to the unemployed and those with barriers to employment.

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Cafe Mosaic

Café Mosaic is a full-service coffee and sandwich shop attached to the front of Mosaic Resale. The café serves as a natural connector, jobs training vehicle, and extension of Mosaic CCDA’s mission.

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Harbor Shine

Harbor Shine is a full-service lawn care and landscaping company, which provides employment opportunities and career training while enhancing the beautification of our region.

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Harbor Market

Harbor Market is a weekly farmers market that exists to support, promote, and grow farmers and micro-businesses in the Benton Harbor area.

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Poverty essentially stems from a broken relationship with God, community, and environment. One of the most important things that MOSAIC does is help individuals rebuild their relationships with God and community, and to understand that they are designed to interact with their environment through meaningful work. Jobs for Life helps those in need find dignity and purpose through employment.

How We Approach What We Do

Loving Atmosphere

God is Love. God Loves all people. God’s greatest desire for us is a restored relationship with Him where we learn to love Him and love our neighbor.

Friendly Faces

God is full of Joy. God desires to give us Joy through His Spirit. If we have a Joy problem, it really is our problem.

Excellent Service

Jesus set the ultimate example of serving. We are asked to think of others before ourselves. We have been given gifts in order to serve and impact others.

Connecting Conversations

We all have a story. Understanding God’s story helps us understand our story. Connecting Conversations help us move beyond the superficial and truly connect with others.

Steps to Greatness

God desires us to be Great that His Name will be made great. Jesus redefines greatness according to Serving, He doesn’t say to not be great. God is clear that poor stewardship (not taking steps to greatness) is not acceptable.

Leadership Development

Great leaders are servant leaders. Leadership development (ours and others) is one of our core values and central to the success and sustainability of any community.

Making a Difference

Metrics That Matter


Growing in Job Skills and Employability


Faithfully giving their time and talents

Collaborative Organizations

Working together to make a difference

Jobs for Life Class Size Growth

We are working to add 3 separate tracks

Story of Success

Kevin Scates

“I was on parole and in a world of a mess, until God changed my life. Instead of messing up the community, I get to clean up the community. I had to learn how to discipline myself. When I leave, I want to know that we have done an excellent job on your lawn. If you have God in your life and you can be positive, then you can make it. You can make it.”

Kevin Scates

Read other stories of success >

We believe that we are better together and that you in fact can help us prepare Benton Harbor residents for further education, life, and work while exuding Christ’s love. If you have been looking for a place where you can really make a difference locally you found it! We would love your help.

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All donations remain local to best impact the Benton Harbor community through Jobs for Life, Cafe Mosaic, Mosaic Resale Store, Harbor Shine, Youth Shine, and other community enhancement and development.

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